About Us

Africa's leading film production company

Incorporated in Kenya 2013 and headquartered in Nairobi, ZAMARADI PRODUCTIONS LIMITED is a media enterprise that creates, produces and distributes of quality Africa film content to global audiences via multi-platforms. 

Our strength lies in an experienced, multi-skilled and innovative management team that shares over 100 years of experience in film production and deploy innovative production approaches adapted to effective processes of development, production and post-production. 

Content proposition is founded on being a fulltime full-service production house with own Studio, live sets, multiple post-production suites, equipment and creative as well as administrative personnel, which includes an active commercial division that manages client relations, pursues sales and distributes content.

Our Portfolio

Through a business model that is emphatic on innovating around content, we have produced 72 films, 11 TV shows and over 20 features vie unique value-add partnerships. Our strength lays in our experienced, multi-skilled and innovative core team that combines diverse creative and business skill sets complement each other.

Our Philosophy

Our overriding goal at Zamaradi is to fuse the artistic creative aspect with business tenacity to build East Africa’s most successful content generation enterprise, creating employment and talent-based entrepreneurial opportunities on a fulltime basis through telling authentic African stories.