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72 films, 11 TV Shows and over 20 Features later, We lead East Africa in production of creative media content.


Away from the predictable beats of Romeo & Juliet, KINA is a David & Goliath story. An abandoned girl seeks justice for the murder of the man she thought was her father while slowly falling under the dangerous spell of the woman she doesn’t know yet is her mother…


Kevin’s life of brilliance and promise is suddenly thrown into an emotive downward spiral when he discovers a horrid secret that threatens to tear apart his family. Ironically, he is a victim of shortcomings at odds with moral conditioning in childhood ..

A situational comedy tied to a small roadside hotel Kwa JP owned by a traffic police man. He employs Kims, who is cousin of his from the village, to manage the place.

La Msingi

This is a story of crash of cultures, with two women caught in a struggle to come to deal with deception by a man they both loved, upon his demise. Obuya was a big dreamer despite his humble village background.


Bridget is a widow left with 4 children in a spiral of misplaced love, betrayal, the need for money and the selfishness that is the human spirit.


Borderline is a story set in predominantly low income estates popularly known as ‘Eastlands’ in Nairobi, Kenya. At the centre is Lebo, a reformed gangster working hard to stay clean.

Bypass Resort

Beatrice is caught in a love and business struggle for a dilapidated highway hotel that is next to a soon to be refurbished greater Eastern Bypass.

Nyumba Ten

Nyumba Ten is an explosive fusion of comedy and drama surrounding the lives of neighbours living in a working class estate.

Trade Center

It is a comedy drama series set in the corridors of a business building in downtown River Road, Nairobi. It is shared place full of activities and different businesses.


In the new ‘Sunrise’, there are constant battles for territory, with authorities seek more control, often for personal gains; gangs are inconstant battle and most others wanting to survive.


KERU series is Kenya’s first counter-terror action drama premised on the current challenges facing the country from extremist and radical application of religious ideology – key ingredients for terrorism.

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Dream Child


Trade Center

La Msingi


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Production arm for licensed, commissioned, co-produced and independent content.

Athari Films

An initiative for impact-oriented partnerships through film content

Igiza SVOD Platform

The distribution arm to narrow Product-Market Scope.