Victor Gatonye

Head Creative/ Film Director

Victor Gatonye is a distinguished Kenyan director whose prowess has be recognized through awards such as The Best Series Director, Riverwood awards (2017).

He started out as a marketing manager in 2006, having studied a degree in B-Com, marketing option. He followed his passion in TV and arts at MEDIA-E Company (Media for Development and Education), where he Trained on the job from a production assistant to a grips lighting assistant to a boom operator then a 2nd assistant director and finally to director during an educational TV drama for East Africa –“Makutano junction”. He was made co-director by season 7 and then the head directors from season 9 to season 12.

His most recent project include Kina Series –an actioned-packed 260 episode Telenovela by MNET for global audiences; 40 Sticks film –an actioned-packed feature film on Netflix; and Dream Child –an inaugural feature film for Athari films line. Additionally, he worked on other production jobs as the resident TV director including “Know zone show “(Citizen TV), “Shamba shape up” (Citizen TV) and “school shape up” (Citizen TV). In 2011 Victor Gatonye turned freelance as a TV director/ Actor. He worked on productions such as “The Team” season 3 TV drama, the Multi camera production – “Patricia Show”, directing and acting on “Shuga” and “Papa Shirandula” and directing “Changes” Season III drama series for M-Net Africa. In 2012, he was Head of Directors and a Director on MNET Telenovela “KONA”. He also, directed “After dark” studio show and “Coke studio”. In 2013/2014 he directed 12 out of 71 films produced by Zamaradi on an Africa Magic Original Film project (AMOF) for MNET Africa and also worked on “Discovery +254” studio show. He is also a board member for “Slum TV” under film label “Simple pictures” where he offers services in directing, writing and concept development.