Joseph Kioni

Art Director/Facilities Manager

Joseph Kioni has over 30 years of experience as in art and set construction. He received a Lifetime Recognition Award [Kalasha Film Awards–2017] for his long and illustrious contribution to Kenya’s film industry.

In his long and distinguished career, he has worked in set construction for huge international films and TV projects such as ‘Out of Africa’ [1984/85], ‘Blessed are They’ [2006], ‘Heart of Fire’ [2007], ‘Zain Africa Challenge’ [2010], ‘Siri’ Season III-IV [2010], ‘Changes’ Season III [2011] and ‘Kona’ [250-episode Telenovela, 2012/13].

At Zamaradi, he has oversees all artistic investments relating to all film projects undertaken. These include Sunrise [26 episodes]; Trade Centre [13 episodes]; Nyumba 10[26 episodes]; Fihi [52 episodes]; Bypass Resort [26 episodes]; Borderline [26 episodes]; La Msingi [26 episodes]; Kwa JP [26 episodes]; K.E.R.U – Kenya’s first counter-terrorism show [26 Episodes]; Dream Child feature film [9o minutes].