Gibson Mithaa

Commercial Director

Gibson Mithaa is the commercial director in charge of Strategy, Marketing and Finance and aspects in Zamaradi. He has over 14 years’ experience in motion picture industry in Kenya. He has served as the production accountant in numerous key production projects such as Changes Seasons 1 to 3 and 71 feature films produced by Africa Magic Original Films project [AMOF 2013/14].

His professional qualifications include an MBA in Strategic Management from University of Nairobi, B-com degree in Finance and qualification as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA–K).

He is integral to the planning, directing, organizing and controlling of strategy related decisions and actions of the business. His role extends to project management, presentation of business and marketing information, budgeting and cash flows forecasts, pursuit of funding, guiding crucial procurement decisions and preparation of financial reports.

He has been instrumental to financial structuring of the business for growth and resourcing of key projects such as Kina –which is a capital intensive actioned-packed 260 episode Telenovela that operates as an independent project:
He role has been crucial in realizing independent productions Zamaradi Productions, which include Sunrise [26 episodes]; Trade Centre [13 episodes]; Nyumba 10[26 episodes]; Fihi [52 episodes]; Bypass Resort [26 episodes]; Borderline [26 episodes]; La Msingi [26 episodes]; Kwa JP [26 episodes]; K.E.R.U – Kenya’s first counter-terrorism show [26 Episodes]; Dream Child feature film [9o minutes].