George Mungai

Supervising Producer / Production Designer

George Mungai is a Producer/ Production Designer with 29 years’ experience in the Kenyan entertainment scene. He is currently instrumental in adapting 260 episodes the Emmy nominated South African Series titled The River into a leading Kenyan version entitled KINA for East African audiences of M-Net.

Starting out at Phoenix Theatre, he directed and produced numerous play productions and scored original musicals. He presently does theatre circuits in Europe, specifically Denmark where he has directed two plays in 2016 and 2018. He has been instrumental in nurturing young talent as well as training in performance art over the years –notably Lupita Nyong’o –who her first professional stage experience at Phoenix Theatre in 1998 under his tutorage.

George is also an avid musician and plays drums, percussion and the keyboard. He has played professionally since 1989 with various bands, including abroad and on a cruise liner in the Indian Ocean as Band Leader for the in-ship lounge band.

At Zamaradi, he serves as the Supervising Producer (Script & creative elements) and Production Designer for all TV Series by Zamaradi Productions. These include Sunrise [26 episodes]; Trade Centre [13 episodes]; Nyumba 10[26 episodes]; Fihi [52 episodes]; Bypass Resort [26 episodes]; Borderline [26 episodes]; La Msingi [26 episodes]; Kwa JP [26 episodes]; and K.E.R.U – Kenya’s first counter-terrorism show [26 Episodes].

His experience scope in film projects entails being the Production Designer for “All Girls Together” [MetroTV-1997], “Project Daddy” [BarakaFilms-2004] and Life Force [HongKong-2004]; Production Designer/Dialogue Coach/Box Producer for M-Net Telenovela-KONA [2012/13]; and Production Designer for the 71 X 1-hour films commissioned by MNet [Africa Magic Original Films 2013/14]. Other projects include Zuku Sports [2013], Aqua Lounge [Arusha-2013],”Discovery+254” [2014], “Vitimbi” [Mnet-2014] and “Lion in the Wind” [Japan-2014].