Dream Child : Teenage drama and unhappy endings… film coming soon!

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and melons, and pumpkins and all those nasty fruits that you wouldn’t make a decent tasting salad out of… We’ve all at one time been through the challenges of being a teenager in the Kenyan public school system… trying everything to get the very best results in class, have a good balance of friends, and best of all, stay out of trouble… Dream Child is an action-packed account of the life of a teenage boy, going well beyond his way to do the right thing and overcome the unending demands of the society. In one way or another, this is a film that gives us insights into the recent scandalous photo ‘artistry’ that trended on our twitter feeds under the #IfikieWazazi hashtag….

Dream Child is not your typical fairy tale

In a community of varying moral expectations and behavioral demands, the struggle to fit in and suit the moral standards of a highly stratified society leaves ‘Kevin’ the main protagonist at odds with his personal sense of morality and choices. For an intelligent boy with so much ambition, learning about a troubling secret that threatens to shatter his family throws his otherwise promising future in limbo. And, in a horrid deviation from the norms of fictional works of art, this story does not bear the hallmarks of a ‘happily ever after’ type of story… in some stories, dreams do not come true!

Another one from Athari Films

This production from Athari films directed by Gatonye Kuria makes Dream Child one of the most promising films with a family focus in Kenyan cinemas in recent times. Just like #Supamodo before it, this film promises to be simple, endearing, thought provoking and authentically Kenyan, with international viewership. Athari film is a part of Zamaradi productions. Check out the Amazing film’s official trailer

Eddie Kimani
Actor & TV Personality

Eddy Kimani is enjoying his return to acting, a craft that he had taken a hiatus from for a several years.

Irene Ayimba
TV & Film Actor

Made her debuted in the court drama series, Nairobi Law. Later featured on Makutano junction, Kona, among others.

Bryan Kabugi
TV & Film Actor

Bryan made his in our T.V screens in the popular show “Machachari”. and later blood brothers on Mnet.

Ebby Weyime
Actor & Fashion Model

Debuted barely seven months into her acting career being cast in three Hollywood films: Eye in the sky- 2015, The Last Face (2016) & Momentum (2015)

Ruth Apondi
Veteran Actor

Re-introducing Ruth Apondi
Born in Shauri Moyo Estate of Nairobi, Ruth is 53 year old veteran actor and mother of three daughters. A qualified teacher, Ruth is an alumnus of Ngara Girls and started her acting trade from way back. In her younger days she was awarded for her acting prowess, most notably as the best actress in Kenya’s National Colleges Drama Festivals in Mombasa in 1998. She made her TV debut in 1990 in the KBC show,”The Eagle”. The role that got her national acclaim was “mama Dama” in the Hit TV series “Tausi”. She has also featured in such shows as “Nyundo Utosini”, ” Kisulisuli”, “Inspecta Mwala” and “Be the judge”.

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